(Alazo) Alejandro Lazo

(Alazo) Alejandro Lazo

Alejandro Lazo is a self-taught painter born in Havana in 1970. He began painting in 1986.
“The action of painting, an essential and unbearable element for releasing his restrained impulses, is a certain cathartic and purifying exercise, an emotional discharge through which the artist, when conceiving each of his works, pours out his most intimate feelings. This way of creating is thus related to abstract expressionism and, specifically, to action painting, but in the creative act of the artist which differs from the former, there are no drippings or automatic movements; on the contrary, the construction of each operative system obeys a rational, constructive and ordered reflection despite the spontaneity of traces and the free dissemination of colors on the surface. Each work is full of content treated by the artist in this microcosm of idols and fetishes, voluptuous artifacts and fabricated landscapes…
“His works depict a kind of ecstasy in which the artist is immersed, aware that he lives in the vortex of a tropical hurricane…”

Lazo Alazo  Alejandro -  Wake Up Your in Cuba

“Wake Up Your in Cuba”

2009   COA

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 24”   Framed