About Us

…………..Each work lives on with the HeART beat within, Echoing that of it’s creator.

From coloring books to my first real introduction into the world of art, I always knew that the ability to create my own pieces and admire the works of others was a priceless gift. What started out as a passion, has now become a collection of substance. With every new work obtained, I began to realize what a blessing Art is to my life.  Each piece seems like that of a child, with whom the artist shares their visions. How profound this communication between Creator and viewer can become, feeding a metaphysical need and creating a desire for more.

EchoArte features works from many shores. We invite you to take look around our site, and contact us if interested viewing any of the pieces shown. Thank you for  spending time with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

— Leer