Ramon Carulla

Ramon Carulla

Born in Havana, Cuba, 1936
Established Cuban artist Ramon Carulla’s work rests within the tradition of Latin American expressionist and figurative painting. His works constitute a point of convergence for color, emotion and design. Carulla uses a variety of supports including linen, paper and wood with noticeably provocative images, in a deliberate combination of fantasy and reality. Carulla’s recent works are quiet, meditative and idealistic. In speaking about his work Carulla states, “We all are jugglers, escapists, rockets, and entertainers in the interminable circus of life.” “The characters that appear in my works fluctuate from eccentric to gallant. Just as many human beings do, these capricious personages are always fighting with their sense of life, and their day to day existence

“Homage to Kafka”

(from: The Philosophical Wall Series)

1978-79  Oil / Canvas

30” x 24”  –  Framed

COA  (handwritten by Artist)