Ana Albertina Delgado


Of Delgado’s entire body of work, her pieces painted on paper are the most seductive. The medium gives her a freedom revealed by her treatment of the human figure. These pieces are distinguished by a unique subtlety, especially in the fine, soft traces that delineate her figures. Her personal style is undoubtedly best expressed in her sensitive treatment of her themes, as well as the exquisite perfection of her lines.
By reflecting her most intimate feelings from a feminine, intimate perspective, Delgado started a distinct trend in Cuban contemporary art, taken up by other artists over the subsequent decades. Artists such as Aimée García and Elsa Mora followed in her footsteps with similarly introspective works, tackling similar themes.

“Pieta”   /   Love 1997

Acrylic on Canvas

28″ x 25″

COA – Framed