Mario Bencomo

Mario Luis Diaz Bencomo was born on July 26, 1953 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. As a youth he was sent alone by his parents to live in Spain. At the age of 14, he left Madrid for the U.S., arriving by himself in New York City in 1968. He often returns to Europe, and for regular stays in Montreal, Canada also. In 1996 he returned to Cuba for the first time, three decades after he left, and visiting Cuba periodically since then. He works in both Miami and Montreal.
His work represents myth of forms found in the natural world, literature, poetry, art history and personal experience; often blurring the line between the spiritual from the sensual.


“Insular Night / Invisible Gardens”

Acrylic on Canvas Board – 1983
14″ X 18″ (Artwork only)
Beautifully Framed
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